Data is King

In a world where almost everything exists in the “virtual world”, Lucas Credit Services recognise the importance of robust and accurate data in the smooth, effective and compliant running of a business fit for the 21st century.

To this end, Lucas Credit Services has engineered its highly sophisticated core business system, CollectR™ , to handle and maintain data to the very highest levels of integrity, security and efficiency as well as being fully adaptable to future changes. In this respect, Lucas Credit Services can offer you and your business very high quality feeds of data about the accounts you place with us.

With SQL Server at the very heart of CollectR™, we can tailor all of our management information to match your exacting needs, leaving you able to focus on your core activities whilst being confident that the data we provide to you can be processed efficiently by your IT teams in a format to suit you.

Above all else, Lucas Credit Services want to provide you with data that is useful and enhances your business. Information about payments, activity and contact, to name but a few, will give you full view of the effectiveness of our strategies and allow you to maintain up to date records about your customer.

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