We’re Recruiting!

Due to continuing growth we’re recruiting for experienced Telephone Collectors and Collections Administrators to join our great team. If you want to work in a friendly and fun environment with great people, have previous collections or similar financial services experience then please let us know you’re interested. Further information can be found on our careers page or by contacting No agencies please.


Lucas Credit Strengthens The Team

Following the OFT handing over responsibility for Consumer Credit to the FCA from 1st April 2014, further recruitment has taken place at Lucas, in order to strengthen the existing framework.

Compliance and treating customers fairly has always been at the forefront of Lucas Credit Services thinking, however it was agreed at board level to intensify that further. Consequently, we have now seen the arrival of several additional agents, an additional administrator focussing on DMC relationships together with a compliance assistant to the Compliance Director.

The team at Lucas is now set for further growth at this important time.

Taking the Difficult out of Financial Difficulty

Lucas Credit Services is committed to treating every customer with fairness and understanding, especially important for those that are vulnerable or experiencing a period of financial difficulty. Our Financial Help team is ready and waiting to help.

Protecting your reputation, your customer and your collections revenue are inextricably linked. It seems like common sense that treating a customer in the right way will result in the best results for everyone involved but, sadly, in these tough times, not all DCA’s are thinking of your or your customer’s best interests.

Our approach delivers results and ensures that the customer is able to maintain their arrangement month after month. Our management team has previously worked closely with the Lending Standards Board during their development of DCA audit processes and we understand best how to deliver the most compliant approach to handling financial difficulty.

Just some of the ways we ensure excellent service are:

Recognising those in need of help

Our team is trained to spot anything that may suggest that a customer is having financial difficulties or may be vulnerable in some way, even if they do not yet realise it themselves. From that moment on your customer is carefully guided through options from impartial help, such as a referral to the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, to the discussion of their situation directly with our team.

Consistent and robust processes

Our advanced, intelligent systems ensure that from the moment a customer has been identified as being in need of help, they are removed from the core collections process and handled with extra care and understanding – each time, every time! Our systems fully record all activity and carefully select the most appropriate strategy whether it be to suitably place an account on hold to allow a customer time to sort out their finances to contacting a 3rd Party Advice organisation directly.

To find out how we can help you and your customers contact us here.

Data is King

In a world where almost everything exists in the “virtual world”, Lucas Credit Services recognise the importance of robust and accurate data in the smooth, effective and compliant running of a business fit for the 21st century.

To this end, Lucas Credit Services has engineered its highly sophisticated core business system, CollectR™ , to handle and maintain data to the very highest levels of integrity, security and efficiency as well as being fully adaptable to future changes. In this respect, Lucas Credit Services can offer you and your business very high quality feeds of data about the accounts you place with us.

With SQL Server at the very heart of CollectR™, we can tailor all of our management information to match your exacting needs, leaving you able to focus on your core activities whilst being confident that the data we provide to you can be processed efficiently by your IT teams in a format to suit you.

Above all else, Lucas Credit Services want to provide you with data that is useful and enhances your business. Information about payments, activity and contact, to name but a few, will give you full view of the effectiveness of our strategies and allow you to maintain up to date records about your customer.

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The end of an era and new beginnings

Roger's farewell speech

Our very own Dr Roger Lucas recently stepped down after completing his 2 year tenure as President of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and more than 17 years as a member of its Board of Directors. This marks the end of Roger’s unprecedented service to the Industry’s professional association which has seen many changes and innovations of which Roger has played a key role, such as the birth and rapid growth of the UK Debt Purchase market and the formation of the CSA’s DBSG – Debt Buyers and Sellers Group. Most recently Roger conceived, helped develop and implement the “Collector Accreditation Initiative – CAI” which ensures the industry’s collectors are fully compliant and able to deliver the professionalism the industry is determined to maintain.

At the official handover ceremony at the CSA Conference in September, Roger commented: “Nearly everything the Association has focused on in the last two years has been towards improving the perception and reputation of our industry, proving that high standards do exist, and where they don’t, helping to identify those areas of weakness and providing solutions where help is needed”.

Roger’s passion for excellence in the industry thankfully hasn’t ceased with the end of his CSA Presidency; the end of one era sees the beginning of another at Lucas Credit Services. With Roger at the helm we are on track to become a leading force in the industry for compliance, innovation and service delivery.

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Lucas Credit Services Achieves CSA Collector Accreditation status.

We are extremely proud to announce that 100% of our collections team has achieved the Credit Service Association’s accredited collector status, which puts us on course to meet our goal of being the most effective, innovative and compliant debt collection business the industry has seen.

The Collector Accreditation Initiative (CAI) is an online test designed to assess collectors’ knowledge and scope of understanding regarding sector Compliance. The test encompasses individual awareness of relevant Regulatory Guidance and the Legislative Framework.

Our Managing Director Dr Roger Lucas, in his current capacity as president of the CSA, is responsible for the conception, development and introduction of the Collector Accreditation Initiative (“CAI”) which is seen as an important regulatory milestone in an industry which has not previously had industry compliance standards for its collectors.

Welcome to the Lucas Credit Services Board of Directors

As our launch activities gather momentum, Roger Lucas is excited to introduce you to his newly appointed Board of Directors. Nicola Dyer, Nick Ramsden and James Riley joined the board in July and, as a collective with Roger have over 100 years combined experience at the forefront of debt collection!

The Board will head up what we believe will be the most effective, innovative and compliant debt collection business the industry has seen. Nicola, James and Nick join Lucas Credit Services with vast experience of the debt purchase and contingent collections market gained whilst working in the industry with a DCA that they, together with Roger, helped shape and build into a widely respected business. Here at Lucas Credit Services, we aim to capitalise on those skills and experiences to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation, efficiency, effectiveness and, most importantly, compliance for the benefit of all our clients and their customers.

Lucas Credit Services opens for business

With the countdown now complete, today, the 4th July sees the launch of the most innovative debt collection business the industry has seen in years.

From his industry leading position as President of the Credit Services Association, Dr Roger Lucas has joined forces with other leading professionals in the industry to design what he considers to be the most compliant debt-collection business in the new consumer focussed marketplace that is emerging from the recent banking crisis.

Drawing upon all of their collections and systems knowledge from over 100 years in the industry, Dr Lucas and colleagues are presenting to the market a best-in-class approach to both collections performance and compliance.

Dr Lucas comments: “We don’t aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best in class – and that means the most fit-for-purpose as we move forward into a new era of increased consumer protection, particularly looking after the more vulnerable members of our society, whilst effecting best collections from those whose borrowings bring with them an obligation to repay wherever, whenever and whatever they can.”

Lucas Credit Services New Technology

Lucas Credit Services' New Collections System "CollectR™"

Lucas Credit Services has today begun road-testing its all-new collection system “CollectR™”. Designed and engineered exclusively in-house by principal, Dr Roger Lucas, a very experienced IT Professional with a proven track-record in the collections industry, CollectR™ is a completely new collections platform integrating compliance and best collections practice into the latest technology. Developed exclusively from Microsoft products, it is written in .NET framework 4 with the industry standard SQLServer as its database, CollectR™ integrates with the outside world through web-services.

Lucas Credit Services’ collection platform CollectR™ integrates with web hosted telephony, predictive dialler and call recording, as well as its on-line Payment Processing and Direct Debiting hosts.

Lucas Credit Services clearly understands the requirement for its clients’ data to be as secure with it as it is on their own systems and has implemented a dual security system controlled and monitored by Microsoft’s “Threat Management Gateway”.

Dr Lucas comments: “our systems are so important to us that only the very best is good enough. Implementing Threat Management Gateway will enable us to proceed quickly toward our objective of obtaining certification to the ISO27001 Information Security Standard”.