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Welcome to Lucas Credit Services, where we have both the vision and strength to reach out for, and grasp, the future of collections.

Lucas Credit Services is firmly established at the vanguard of a rapidly changing debt collection industry. Our Board of Directors has exceptional experience in handling recoveries across diverse industry sectors, which requires an understanding of how to ensure a business remains at the forefront of change and innovation, whilst continuing to deliver great service and outstanding customer outcomes.

Lucas Credit Services will champion these changes and work with creditors to ensure that openness, transparency and compliance are as much a part of the culture of collections going forward as collections performance itself. We recognise that in today’s landscape nothing short of excellence in all areas is acceptable.

Lucas Credit Services offers debt collection solutions to a wide range of industry sectors, including those in the Financial Services, Utilities, Telecommunications and Home Credit markets. Whether your needs are large or small, we can offer solutions that are specifically tailored to you.

Digital Collections
Lucas Credit Services is a market leader in digital contact strategies for debt collection.
Many customers, if asked, say they prefer to use email rather than letters or telephone calls, and the rate of change toward digital communication is profound.

In the collections world, Lucas Credit Services has pioneered the use of email as a mode of conversation, thus satisfying the preference of this rapidly increasing number of people.

For these customers, a digital journey is a better journey.

Many customers now keep their email addresses longer than their physical addresses and with the cost of email just a fraction of the cost of letters, we can also reach some customers that letters and telephone calls cannot.

Debt Collection Agency
Our customer contact solutions encompass the traditional methods alongside our state-of-the-art digital communication channels. This allows your customers to choose the best options for them, according to their needs and circumstances, when communicating with us or settling their account.

Utilising our unique, sophisticated and proprietary CollectR™ collections software, alongside our integrated telephony platform, we are able to deliver optimum results with maximum compliance, and great customer service.

To ensure that your customers who may be experiencing financial difficulty, including those classified as vulnerable, are treated fairly and with the level of understanding they deserve, Lucas Credit Services ensures that vulnerable customers are handled in a sympathetic way according to our strict policy and training guidelines.

Litigation action, where appropriate, is an effective extension to the recovery process when traditional attempts have failed.

Our proven expertise over 25 years and hundreds of thousands of cases has resulted in the development of highly sophisticated software to manage and control extremely efficient processes which deliver cost effective, tailor made, litigation solutions with great results.

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