Taking the Difficult out of Financial Difficulty

Lucas Credit Services is committed to treating every customer with fairness and understanding, especially important for those that are vulnerable or experiencing a period of financial difficulty. Our Financial Help team is ready and waiting to help.

Protecting your reputation, your customer and your collections revenue are inextricably linked. It seems like common sense that treating a customer in the right way will result in the best results for everyone involved but, sadly, in these tough times, not all DCA’s are thinking of your or your customer’s best interests.

Our approach delivers results and ensures that the customer is able to maintain their arrangement month after month. Our management team has previously worked closely with the Lending Standards Board during their development of DCA audit processes and we understand best how to deliver the most compliant approach to handling financial difficulty.

Just some of the ways we ensure excellent service are:

Recognising those in need of help

Our team is trained to spot anything that may suggest that a customer is having financial difficulties or may be vulnerable in some way, even if they do not yet realise it themselves. From that moment on your customer is carefully guided through options from impartial help, such as a referral to the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, to the discussion of their situation directly with our team.

Consistent and robust processes

Our advanced, intelligent systems ensure that from the moment a customer has been identified as being in need of help, they are removed from the core collections process and handled with extra care and understanding – each time, every time! Our systems fully record all activity and carefully select the most appropriate strategy whether it be to suitably place an account on hold to allow a customer time to sort out their finances to contacting a 3rd Party Advice organisation directly.

To find out how we can help you and your customers contact us here.

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