The end of an era and new beginnings

Roger's farewell speech

Our very own Dr Roger Lucas recently stepped down after completing his 2 year tenure as President of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and more than 17 years as a member of its Board of Directors. This marks the end of Roger’s unprecedented service to the Industry’s professional association which has seen many changes and innovations of which Roger has played a key role, such as the birth and rapid growth of the UK Debt Purchase market and the formation of the CSA’s DBSG – Debt Buyers and Sellers Group. Most recently Roger conceived, helped develop and implement the “Collector Accreditation Initiative – CAI” which ensures the industry’s collectors are fully compliant and able to deliver the professionalism the industry is determined to maintain.

At the official handover ceremony at the CSA Conference in September, Roger commented: “Nearly everything the Association has focused on in the last two years has been towards improving the perception and reputation of our industry, proving that high standards do exist, and where they don’t, helping to identify those areas of weakness and providing solutions where help is needed”.

Roger’s passion for excellence in the industry thankfully hasn’t ceased with the end of his CSA Presidency; the end of one era sees the beginning of another at Lucas Credit Services. With Roger at the helm we are on track to become a leading force in the industry for compliance, innovation and service delivery.

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