Data Processor/Junior VB.NET Developer /IT Support

Data Processor/Junior VB.NET Developer /IT Support

Lucas Credit Services is firmly established at the vanguard of a rapidly changing debt collection industry. Our Board of Directors has exceptional experience in handling recoveries across diverse industry sectors, which requires an understanding of how to ensure a business remains at the forefront of change and innovation, whilst continuing to deliver great service and outstanding customer outcomes.

The Role and Duties:
We are a relatively small company with 42 employees, and as such we don’t have the luxury of being able to give people perfectly crafted specialist roles. Everyone has to muck in with anything that needs to be done, that includes all staff right up to the CEO himself, it is not uncommon to find the directors moving computers and monitors or crawling under desks running cables when the demand arises. That being said everyone has something that is their primary purpose for being here and that is where their efforts should be focussed for the majority of their time.


Software development – Enhancing and maintaining existing applications, developing new applications as required. We have a lot of code – certainly in excess of five hundred thousand lines, we are constantly adding new code. Our main line of business application is written in VB.NET as are a lot of our data processing systems, we also make good use of PHP on Linux where appropriate.


Data processing – the software development team are expected to be involved with data processing to a reasonable level, we receive and transmit lots of data from and to our clients. As we grow the amount of data we send and receive will grow with us, the onus is on the software developers to enhance and improve the data processing toolset so that over time we can process more data without increasing the effort, the only way the developers can understand the requirements is if they are fully involved in the processing of data.

The software development team members are required to provide cover for our primary data processing guru when he is on holiday, we operate to tight schedules so it’s often the case that we need a couple of people to be involved in holiday cover to keep things running smoothly.
You must be able to demonstrate the ability to manage and log the data processing aspect to a very high level of accuracy, it’s one of our key performance indicators, there is no room for error as mistakes can be very costly from both a financial and regulatory perspective.

IT Support – user support, network/systems support – we don’t have IT problems very often but everyone is expected to muck in when they occur. Moving furniture, running cables, installing computers and anything else that someone in an IT department might be expected to help with are also part of the job.

Working Hours:
35 hours a week, 9am to 5pm, 1 hour lunch break.
Some Saturday working will be required, this will be on a rota basis.

Starting salary is dependent on skills and experience.

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