Lucas Credit Services opens for business

With the countdown now complete, today, the 4th July sees the launch of the most innovative debt collection business the industry has seen in years.

From his industry leading position as President of the Credit Services Association, Dr Roger Lucas has joined forces with other leading professionals in the industry to design what he considers to be the most compliant debt-collection business in the new consumer focussed marketplace that is emerging from the recent banking crisis.

Drawing upon all of their collections and systems knowledge from over 100 years in the industry, Dr Lucas and colleagues are presenting to the market a best-in-class approach to both collections performance and compliance.

Dr Lucas comments: “We don’t aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best in class – and that means the most fit-for-purpose as we move forward into a new era of increased consumer protection, particularly looking after the more vulnerable members of our society, whilst effecting best collections from those whose borrowings bring with them an obligation to repay wherever, whenever and whatever they can.”

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